Larry is REAL

Omg…. is absolutely perfect

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Happy Birthday to my little Irish! +20

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Jamily/Clace ♥

i love this couple.

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to remember..

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OMG my feels çç

"Heaven is a place on heart with you"

"Harry is an open book, Louis is a secret diary"

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Awww i love the smith family.

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New album for one direction!

Midnight memories - out 25th November 

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«my real first crush was Louis Tomlinson.»  

«Love will tears us, apart» 

'oops.' he said. 'hi!' the other replied.»


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butlarryisreal-deactivated20140 asked: thanks so much for following me back!! yay for older larry shippers. i cant explain how much i love your blog!! its absolutely perfect!

OMG thanks!! you make me cry AHAHAH

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"When the green meets the blue"


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